Highlighted Projects

Here are a number of my projects listed in reverse-chronological order.

Ludum Dare 34 - Beanstalkers Extreme

I participated in Ludum Dare, a worldwide game jam. Within 72 hours, we (myself, Darren Vogt, and Allen-Michael Brower) created a game about riding up a beanstalk and getting revenge on a giant. I think it turned out really well, and the players agree; we ranked 10th in Theme in 14th in Humor out of 2870 entries!

We created this game in C# using the Unity3D game engine.

You can play the game here (in-browser or Android). I also wrote a post-mortem to review what I learned.

LD entry GitHub

WOPR JR Minutes Module

Chris Cprek of LVL1 Hackerspace started a project to make a voice-activated assistant for the space. It tells you info such as the weather, news, and current time.

I added a module that reads the LVL1 meeting minutes from our wiki. You may request specific sections. For example, if you say “WOPR … space upgrades”, WOPR will tell you about the space’s recent improvements.

To accomplish this, I learned how to use Beautiful Soup, a Python module for web scraping.


Hack Kentucky Hackathon

In 2014, I participated in a hackathon at the University of Louisville. We created software that detects/recognizes faces and controls a USB dart launcher. Depending on the identity, it either plays the user’s Spotify playlist or takes aim and fires.

My work on the project focused on aiming the dart launcher and integrating the final modules.

DevPost GitHub

Alumni Perks App

For Senior Project, I and three other students created apps for Android and iOS enabling Rose-Hulman alumni to access discounts for local restaurants and hotels. The architecture of the app supported offline syncing of data with a central Ruby on Rails server that we also created.

GitHub: Android, iOS, Server


For Junior Project, I and three other students created a Ruby on Rails web app for collecting recipes. It let you publish recipes like other sites, but it also let you clone and tweak other users’ recipes

The site featured a restful JSON API, as required by our clients.

Originally, we planned on having convenient features such as nutrition and measurement conversion for ingredients, but we had to cut them from our scope. Ingredients are just stored as plain text now.

Heroku GitHub

Merlin Comics

In 2008, my friends and I made a webcomic, which I host from home. I was responsible for the back end; the others drew the comics and designed the original front end (though we have modified it together since then). It uses Django, a Python web framework.

Merlin Comics banner