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Your room is a mess and your parents are about to drop by for a visit! You’ve got to clean up and fast.

Out of sight, out of (parents’) minds. Where are you gonna put your mess? Click on stuff to open it and see if there’s any space left inside.

Note: The game is unfinished, so just click everything and explore. There’s no conclusion.


This was made for my second-ever game jam, Ludum Dare 37. Once again, Darren Vogt helped me with the art. However, we bit off more than we could chew, so it didn’t go as well as the first. Having immersed myself in web development that year, I decided to try Phaser.js, a JavaScript-based game engine. It wasn’t too bad to learn, but I spent significant time adding an Entity-Component framework, which took away time from actually building the gameplay.